5 Assets That Make You Rich
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(Feat. Robert Kiyosaki)

This is a very interesting aspect of investing that’s making the rich even richer and keeping the middle class and poor where they are. What are those pieces of actions that the rich do differently to create huge wealth while the poor and middle class keep saving their money in the banks and are losing money? The rich invest in assets, that’s right.  

Investing in assets helps the rich mass wealth in the long run while the middle class and poor keep working for money. So let’s talk about five such investments that can make you wealthy.  

1 Data

I’m sure you must have heard the saying that the data is the new gold and that is absolutely true in today’s day and age. Companies like Meta, Google, and Amazon are all billion-dollar data Companies. They have all become billion-dollar companies in a short span because of the immense data. They have your data as gold whether it be personal information like photos and videos, professional information such as your business information or client Intel, or your crypto wallet keys. You’ll never want anyone to steal those cryptocurrencies.  

You should always make sure that your wealth is protected and safeguarded from hackers or companies who can take advantage of your data exploiting you in the process and making you vulnerable to attacks and data leaks. So then how should we protect our data in today’s online world? By using the world’s best-rated VPN for example Express VPN. Express VPN is the easiest and most effective way for people to protect their internet traffic and keep their identities private online.  

As you connect to a secure VPN server your internet traffic goes through an encrypted tunnel that nobody can see, including hackers, governments, and your internet service provider. Express VPN protects you from spies who use your data for their nefarious purposes. Did you know that your internet service provider ISP can see everything you do online, that’s scary isn’t it? In fact, in the U.S. your ISP can legally sell your data to ad companies for a profit hence many of the world’s wealthiest rely on express VPN to protect their online data and wealth. 

Expressvpn will keep your data strongly protected so that you can take charge of your online privacy with best-in-class encryption. So if you aren’t already using expressvpn to protect your privacy and wealth do it now.  

Expressvpn is available on all your Devices and is also super easy to use just tap one button and you’re connected to protect your privacy and wealth.

2 Real Estate 

The second asset is real estate. Robert Kiyosaki states on real estate that it’s really interesting because being an entrepreneur is one of the first things my rich dad taught me he says if you’re going to be an entrepreneur. My purpose of a business is to buy real estate and the average person’s never heard that. I use debt and I pay no taxes so you’ve got to learn about taxes because they’ll never teach you that at school my game financially is business number one is Real Estate.

And that’s why I pay no taxes! that’s why Trump pays no taxes. Legally it’s a combination of business and real estate that gives us an unfair advantage over employees because they don’t know what to do so otherwise there are three things, it’s appreciation, amortization, and depreciation.  

So the way guys like Trump and Kushner and the rich guys do it is called the McDonald’s formula of business. So McDonald’s has a business, right? they have a hamburger stand. The business of McDonald’s is not hamburgers. the business of McDonald’s is Real Estate. You go past the McDonald’s stand, and you know you deserve a break today and eat at McDonald’s but you’re not seeing the real game. The hoverboards like Hamburger Stand are the most expensive real estate in the world. So today McDonald’s owns more real estate than the Catholic Church. 

3 Gold

And so our God’s money. Gold was here on the earth was formed, it’ll be here long after we’re all gone. So I just know gold and silver are God’s money, and crypto is people’s money. Gold is important because it’s kind of an indicator of what’s going on inside the economy and what the FED is doing which can there be a relationship between gold and the economy when the price goes up.

I would say that what’s happening in the dollar is going down. In other words, I think of gold by weight I’m interested.  Do you have a ton? do you have 50 kilos? do you have five ounces? Whatever you have as an individual investor at a bank. I think of it by weight because when someone said Gold’s going up I said well no the dollar is going down.

You need more dollars to purchase a fixed quantity of gold which means the dollar is worth less and when people say the Gold’s really going down I say no the dollar’s worth more and you need fewer dollars to purchase the quantity of gold. When people talk about the price, the first thing they do is they’re talking about dollars. The World Market is based on dollars, you’re privileging the dollars with the numerator in your counting system, is it yards, inches, feet whatever and if you put the dollar first and say gold is in dollars it’s going up or down, I think you have it backward. 

I think you need to put gold first by weight and then if it’s worth more the dollar is going down if it’s worth less the dollar is going up. 

4 Cryptocurrency

So I love Bitcoin I almost bought it. I think it was 2017 when I was at twenty thousand but I didn’t and I’m going to say this much here okay this is real Financial education that they don’t teach you at school. So there are three kinds of people in the world when it comes to money. There’s an investor, a Trade, and a Speculator.

I am an investor so the moment I started buying Bitcoin I wasn’t a Trader. A trader is somebody’s going to buy and sell it. A Trader like in real estate kind of a flipper. They buy a house to flip it that’s what Traders do.

And a Speculator is a gambler and I would say most people who are chasing dogecoins and all these other stuff and Bitcoin and they’re speculators. They’re all kinds of gamblers whole thing will go up that’s not what I do. 

5 Silver

This is an important point for many people to understand about Silver and Gold. I bought that Krugerrand in Hong Kong in 1974. I had to smuggle it in and I think that’s why he’d better start buying some gold.

And silver or uranium or copper. Getting into things that what Jim Rickards calls things that last everybody wants to wait until the price moves, when it moves this time you might not be able to get any. But today Silver’s about $25 an ounce, $25 off of its all-time high of $50. 

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