The Right Mindset For Investor | Robert Kiyosaki & Donald Trump

The right mindset for an investor is the key to success. In order to understand this, Robert Kiyosaki & Donald Trump’s advice is far more important in this context. #1 Borrow to Invest I always borrow to invest. I use debt to invest. but to be able to do that, you’ve really got to have […]

PHD = Poor Helpless and Desperate | Robert Kiyosaki

The school system is actually teaching people to be poor. The school system will never teach you about money, the school system was designed to teach you to be an employee or a doctor or a lawyer, a specialist but never about money. What did the school teach you about money? nothing! And that’s not […]

MUST READ! If You Save Money, You Lose Money | Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki has raised a very important point about saving money & real money. His thoughts are worth reading. So if you’re saving money I’ll pray for you tonight. You know I’ll probably be growing avocados this is because people have to eat. Another person, a friend of mine is growing blueberries. but another friend […]

Go Make Some Money | Robert Kiyosaki


You should learn about what’s happening in the world. I’m always startled at how few people are aware of what’s happening. Most of us freeze, we don’t know what’s gonna happen. We wait for the government to tell us, we wait for our boss to tell us, we wait for everyone around us to tell […]