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You should learn about what’s happening in the world. I’m always startled at how few people are aware of what’s happening. Most of us freeze, we don’t know what’s gonna happen. We wait for the government to tell us, we wait for our boss to tell us, we wait for everyone around us to tell us what’s going to happen, and we delegate our own authority.

Now hopefully they know but I think reality has shown that they don’t. How can you struggle financially? they’re printing trillions and the reason is you went to school and you’re taught fear, you’re taught scarcity, you taught the fear of failing or like I said you know where’s my paycheck.. and where’s my paycheck…

People cannot go a week without their f and paycheck. That’s why the 600 bucks is for and that’s the problem. there are some different ways of thinking about money business and careers than you have been taught from the general mass media and if they’re listening and watching right here they know They’re getting a different perspective.

So I want people to know you don’t have to only cut back! You can earn more that even in times like this of crisis you don’t have to play defense you can actually go on offense and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel whether you are a beginning entrepreneur or you work a 9 to 5 there is an approach you can take. That’s going to set you up for success.

All these people out there are just bitching and moaning they haven’t got the check you know they’re waiting for the check and they go well you know there’s no opportunity, there’s no jobs. I mean I feel for them but the reason they struggle is because they’ve been trained to be employees, and an employee mindset is very different than an entrepreneur’s policy.

Some people will watch a TV show and think they know something. I think they have learned and understand or they will re-enable and think they understand what’s going on now. I hate to say it I’ve been investing a long time and I’m still to this day shocked at how little people know Much less how little they understand about the world, about money and about investing.

I think the mistake that people make they go back to school and they find people who are not successful to call college professors, talk about losers, you know because my home my whole family poor dad’s side they’re all college professors and they’re so afraid of their own Shadow.


Most often like 99% of the time people are playing life on defense especially with their money. I guess I spent that much I don’t, nobody taught me about money oh there’s no way to make money on and on and on. and even in the relatively simple area of cost cutting you feel like the that I’m going after it I’m going to become an animal as you put it and so you don’t have to have that aggression in every part of your life. But just to pick that one zone and say I’m going to dominate this. This thing is on its going to be with us for a while there’s millions of Americans are employed, they’re waiting for their 600 dollar check and there’s millions out there and the FED is printing trillions.

You don’t have any of it I think you’re the problem as an entrepreneur there is so much more opportunity today simply because the federal reserve bank is printing trillions and if you can’t get your hands on a couple of trillion or 100 million or whatever, it is a problem that’s you even when the economy has traveled people are still willing to pay for the things that they want and things that they need and this has been true for thousands of years people have paid to adorn themselves with clothes. They’ve paid for food, they’ve paid for entertainment.

so right now what you see is really two different groups of people you see the people whose first reaction is to say why everything won’t work Oh nobody will pay for anything there’s no money around and then you see the entrepreneurs who say wait a minute it’s going to be harder certain industries are not going to make any money right now finally accept reality but wow there’s a lot of kids around sitting at home and their parents will pay anything so that they are learning something and Leaving them alone so they can work. The problem is inside your head there’s so much money out there they’re going to print and ask me another three trillion dollars in the next few months and you get waiting for 600 dollars of it.

There’s something wrong inside that brain of yours. Go find something that you can sell. Again don’t wait for the 600 Dollar check. Get off your ass and go do something, go make some money! Go find a product or a service that you can put out there and build into some kind of a nice business and make some profits.

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