I Got Rich When I Started Doing These 3 Things | Wallstreet Trapper’s Eye Opening Advice
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A wall street trapper’s eye-opening advice. He said that “I Got Rich When I Started Doing These 3 Things”. Wealthy people do three things

1 They stop trading time for money

2 They make their money work for them and

3 They give as much value to people as they can

You can’t work your way to wealth, you got to invest your way to all wealthy People, black, white, Asian, and Chinese. They own a whole bunch of shit. The people who aren’t wealthy is because they don’t own anything. You only have your money sitting in cash.

If your money is just sitting in cash realistically you’re becoming poorer every day.

Some people actually fear success. Success comes with a lot, but until you can overcome that average reality that you live in no matter what you’re on. Once you become comfortable there, it becomes average anyone can live on average, everyone can live in mediocrity. Then there are those outliers who consistently push themselves to go to the next level.

It’s not about how strong you are It’s about what you can learn and then how can you actively apply that and that’s what cash is. It’s a depreciating asset because the more money they print the more money that Money loses value. so if it’s just sitting it’s the reason why the Bank wants you to have your money there so they can take it and use it and invest It so much and be like hey is this Sitting I’m gonna give you 50 cents on Whatever you had in it.

And so the idea of ownership was you we can just start owning everything that we no matter if it just a stock like that’s powerful because if you can start owning the businesses that you now consume every day you turn a one-time transaction to a lifetime of profit. And that was major for me because if I go to the store and buy a pair of Nikes that’s a one-time transaction.

In order for me to get something from them again, I got to come back and buy another pair of Nike but if I own the Nike stock Long as I own it. It’s a profitable vehicle for me so that one-time transaction can become a lifetime of profit if I own that business.

Wealthy people stop trading time for Money. They start making their money work for them and they give value to as much value to people as they can.

The reason why you give people so much value is because if you give them so much value, they’ll never leave you. They’ll always be fit up there for you. And you will never need anything as long as you give welded value to people coming up in the streets.

You only see the game from the lowest level and you look at everybody else in part admiration and part like jealousy because you see It and you’re like damn I’ll never get there as long as you believe in it like you said the only belief that matters is what do you believe you can do?

I personally believe that there is nothing I cannot do. And for me, it’s all about impact purpose fulfillment like the money is a byproduct of everything else that isn’t my focus. My focus is I have knowledge and Information that I know that can change lives not just one life, just like lives. And so the way that you change lives is by consistently learning, and finding new ways to put that information out there because people need to connect.

In prison, I had a fight with two of my homies. In prison we fight for like four hours back to back I’m just fighting one after another one like we just fighting and I go to solitary confinement and at this time all this parish. Prison is considered one of the worst parish prisons in The United States of America. And I go to the cell and I meet this white guy that was the turning point of my life.

I give him a cell with him and I’m frustrated like I’m kind of bust up and he sees me and I guess he’s in awe of the idea of so many black people are in this position. He says something to me he says Man y’all playing the wrong game and so in my mind like I’m fresh I’m Like man what the heck are you talking about? Like bro like don’t make me whip your ass in here right now. And he’s Like No he’s like listen bro I mean no harm, no disrespect.

But you all like why so I guess he’s like perplexed by this whole dynamic of all of these black men in here. And I’m like man what are you talking about a man like this is no game. It’s real and he said something that’s the problem y’all don’t even know it’s a game.

And so when he told me I’m like it’s something about when you mad and you at the moment but like something when it makes sense it hits you like a Ton of bricks. So I’m like what he was like man listens man there’s a game that’s being played and you’re playing a game that you can’t win.

For a minute I just started thinking about the people who I knew that were in the streets everybody lost, and everybody suffered the same fate. Everybody I knew had either been to prison, been shot, or got killed by their father like everybody suffered the same fate. So my rebuttal to him is this well if it’s such a game you know the rules why are you here with me? And he says I’m in here 2.8 million dollars embezzlement I paid 800 000 restitution, I kept 2 million.

Have you ever seen 2 million? I’m like man get the heck out of here you lying. So one thing about prison in jail is you can show your paperwork like you can lie all you want but your paperwork tells me so I said let me see your paperwork then he showed me his paperwork. It’s right there damn black and white and immediately he got my attention I had never seen 2.8 million dollars written down nowhere.

So that changes my idea like damn so tell me how do I do what you do?

So how do I do that while I’m in prison? I pick up a habit of reading. That was the game changer for me. On the streets, I never had the opportunity to just sit down and read because I’m always trying to survive.

In prison, there was no longer a survivor mode there. I have a roof over my head, I have a bed, it’s not the most comfortable bed I have a bed. I get three meals a day whether I like it or not I have the essentials.

So I went through a phase where I was reading like the hood books and then I was like man I live this already no matter how many times you tell a Hood story it’s still the same I’ve lived this for real I don’t keep me to read this and so I used to get up in the mornings and watch CNBC, Squawk box, Jim Cramer and I’d be like damn these making all this money and they not risking their lives.

Something got to change for me, something got to change. And so I just started listening to them.

Every day and I started comparing it to the streets. A good business is just like a good hustler.

A good business has great products they have a great clientele. A great hustler has a great product he has a consistent clientele. A good business on the stock market has what’s called a moat a competitive edge that keeps its competitors away. A good hustler on the street is going to have that competitive edge but they’d be like Nah I ain’t Rockin’ you. I’m gonna just waste a trap come back.

So there’s the competitive edge a good business has a good branding my name is good so a good hustler on the street yo trap got that blue magic I’m good on you like if I can’t get trapped I’m gonna just go try but trap got that blue magic that’s what I’m rocking with Brandon Mo right! That’s a great business on the stock market that has more assets and more liquidity than debt.

A good hustler on the street is if you don’t learn how to fund your business if you’re operating well all you have is re-up money you’re not going to last long so those components remind me of the same in the stock market. In the world, if a company’s paying terrors that’s equivalent to a dude on the street going to pay draft to go hustling somebody huh?

You can’t hustle over here unless you pay me Draft it’s the same as a terror it’s the same thing yeah. so once I understand I broke the game down to a way that I can understand it wasn’t about me just being brilliant it was like how do I make the game winnable for me?

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