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The school system is actually teaching people to be poor. The school system will never teach you about money, the school system was designed to teach you to be an employee or a doctor or a lawyer, a specialist but never about money.

What did the school teach you about money? nothing! And that’s not a mistake! That’s not an accident! the way to keep the poor and middle class working hard is never to teach them what the rich know and what the rich teach the kids about money the poor middle class does not.

#1 PHD Poor Helpless & Desperate

My dad was head of education for the state of Hawaii PhD smart guy, a great guy, a good father, and all that. The trouble is uh he’s a schoolteacher, you know he has a PhD in education and as always, I jokingly said to him PhD stood for poor helpless, and desperate. So meanwhile my rich dad was my best friend’s father and he was a guy with no education but he was a rich man.

So at the age of 9 growing up in Hilo Hawaii, I asked my poor dad I said how a person gets rich he said I don’t know it’s a school teacher. So I kind of, got the hand you know the school is not going to teach you to be rich. So as he said why don’t you ask your friend’s father Mike? So I want to ask mike’s dad and his father my rich dad my best friend’s father who started teaching me to be rich by playing monopoly. And we played monopoly by the hours. I asked, is this how you’re teaching me to be rich? He said I was wondering when you’re going to ask the question. He says why are we playing monopoly? Well, he said the formula for great wealth is found in this board game. So what’s that? It’s just four greenhouses 10, 31, 1 red one red hotel. So is that all it’s taking? He said that was all it was taking.  I said well why am I in school sitting Inside their head is the words from their mother and father, go to school, get a job, pay taxes, save money, buy a house because it’s an asset get out of debt, and invest in the stock market that creates poor people. It’s a hypnosis train going through your brain.

So when people say how do I change my life? When you change those words I wouldn’t go to school because you learn nothing about money in school. I wouldn’t get a job because if I have a job I’m an employee and then I’d pay taxes and I don’t pay taxes, and I don’t save money. And I use debt to get rich and I don’t invest in the stock market. That’s why I’m rich. so the young people who are listening right now are saying, that’s what my mom and dad said but that’s what moms and dads say all over the world.

#2 School Doesn’t Teach You About Money

What does school teach you about money, nothing and that’s not a mistake that’s not an accident the way to keep the poor and middle class working hard is never to teach them what the rich know what the rich teach their kids about money, the poor middle class do not.

The rich don’t work for money. Don’t you touch that stuff? If I pay you, you think like an employee your brain will change. If you learn never to work for money you’ll be a rich man. The people that are being screwed today are the poor middle class because they work for money you know they’re bankrupt they’re not working for money they have money working for them.


Very big difference in mentality here what is financial education. Its not get a job, work hard, save money and invest in a well-diversified portfolio, stocks bonds، mutual funds, and ETFs. That’s not it.

The financial industry has two things, debt, and taxes! Debt and taxes! And we still tell kids to go to school get a job, work hard, save money and get out of debt. Now, who tells them to do that? That’s the most ridiculous thing there is. The book starts and it says lie number one! Saving money will make you rich, but it never will. You know that I’ll be taught that as kids because they can print it. Why would you save it and why would you work for it if they can print it faster than you can work for it.

And number two they keep dropping the interest rates on it. You know japan still has ZIRP zero interest rate policy. And the Japanese are the biggest savers in the world. And I’m Japanese I’m the fourth generation. They’re not too bright right. Why do you keep saving when they’re printing it? You know when I’m in japan that’s what I mean by fear they’re so afraid because of Japanese good culture. But they do as they are told. It very conforming, very conforms.

So they just do as they’re told. And then they just save money and their government, the sky, bionomics is just printing trillions of it and buying ETFs with it. And they don’t know what to do. They’re afraid they might make a mistake. A good little student in school, go to school, get a job, and don’t make mistakes.

So what happens to the average person in a financial crash? They don’t know what to do. And right now, as you know for the middle class of the world, we’re in a crash. You know the purchasing power of the Yen the Euro the Rupee are all going down and people are working harder and harder and harder. And the central banks of the world are printing more money.

#3 Debt is Money

The word becomes flesh so if you say go to school they say but I learned nothing about money get a job you become an employee. If you’re an employee you work for money I pay taxes then they tell you to save money why would you save money when the government’s printing money? You know and get out of debt? Well, debt is money. I use debt to get rich. Most people use debt to get poor and invest in the stock market. I don’t invest in the stock market.

So when you wonder why so many people struggle financially because they haven’t challenged the hypnosis. The words go to school get a job, work hard, save money, get paid taxes until you question those hypnotic transfers. You don’t change.


#4 The School System Will Teach You About Jobs.

The school system is actually teaching people to be poor. The school system will never teach you about money. The school system was designed to teach you to be an employee or a doctor or lawyer a specialist, but never about money. My father was the head of education, PhD, all that stuff. I go home and ask him why don’t we learn about money in school and he looked at me & says because the government doesn’t let us teach that subject.

The government tells us what we can teach and what we can’t teach. And I thought that was strange. I said but aren’t we going to school to learn about money? He says no. your job is to get a job. Poverty is passed on. It’s taught in your families and the middle class is taught in families. and so the people right now who are sitting at home who are struggling financially or Worried about money or unhappy they may be making a lot of money but unhappy with what they’re doing. It was probably taught to you. Your super ego was taught to get a job, work hard, or you’ll never be rich or the rich or evil or whatever.

#5 Poor is Passed Down Genetically

Until you change your mindset money won’t help you. And we see that people that win the Lottery, and people that make more money still have the same problem. Right because they have that poor man’s soul. If you’re poor you’ll always be poor that’s really hard for people to understand. the money will disappear that fast just like most pro athletes you know they make millions of dollars and what 65% are bankrupt five years later.

It’s because they come from poor families. now you tell them that they get very angry at you. It’s not. It’s a rich fault. You know, as you guys ripped me off and the government ripped me off. But unfortunately what Mr. Lipton was saying it’s passed down genetically. The moment I pay you, you think like an employee that’s the trap.

They think their government and the system have their back. But that’s definitely not the case. It couldn’t be further from the case, right? You got it. And you’re being screwed. And it starts by going to school, and your parents tell you to go to school. And my rich dad said what you are going to learn in school about money. I mean, you know you can learn to be a doctor or a lawyer but you learn nothing about money.

So what do you think are some of those right beliefs to have, some of the right beliefs to have about money, about the way you create wealth about the way you actually create life. You want what would be some of the right ones. We know the bad ones! Go to school get a job well it’s not right or wrong you see most people should be employees because for the most people it’s easier to be an employee. Like when I flow for the Marine Corps in Vietnam and my poor dad, when I become an airline pilot just go fly for the airlines. I said no I can do that I could already fly. Why would I fly for the rest of my life? You know but you love. Like I said yeah but I want to fly for the rest of my life.


I just wanted to be a challenge. And a bigger challenge would be to be an entrepreneur. Because I’d have to learn new things. I’d have to learn 10 times more than ever than being a pilot. So for me, it was right for me to become an entrepreneur. Because I was really interested in learning about money, business and economics, and all this. But most employees aren’t.

So for most People who are employees, they should get a job, work hard, save money, pay their taxes something like that. but entrepreneurs don’t pay taxes we don’t save money we use debt as money and everything’s different I don’t invest in the stock market but I had to pay the price which got my own education. Not the stuff they teach you at school. Ph.D. stood for the poor helpless and desperate.


What the school never teaches you about money and getting out of debt well debt is money the school system was designed to teach you to be an employee or a doctor or a lawyer what are you going to learn in school you


#1 Ph.D. is the poor helpless desperate

#2 What does school teach you about money? Nothing

#3 Debt is Money

#4 The School system is designed to teach you to be an employee

#5 Poor is passed down genetically

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