MUST READ! If You Save Money, You Lose Money | Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki has raised a very important point about saving money & real money. His thoughts are worth reading.

So if you’re saving money I’ll pray for you tonight. You know I’ll probably be growing avocados this is because people have to eat. Another person, a friend of mine is growing blueberries. but another friend of mine, he moved up to see here, he was from Seattle, he had a big house, his kids all moved out so he converted the kids’ bedrooms into one-bedroom apartments so he put a kitchen and he put a toilet. Inside his little bedrooms and so he now rents out four bedrooms. He’s making more money today than ever before because a lot of workers commute to Seattle. So they come in, they check in they come in on Sunday night to check out Friday afternoon. I thought it was a little house he’s making more money.


I hope I’m wrong but I think we’re heading for a global depression. I mean people are depressed and the economy stays down. it’s hard to come back up. And now the good news is that for those who are prepared for it like you and like this you’ll do better. Because the best time to start a business is right after a crash.

I made more money after 2008 than ever in my entire life. All the bargains that are gonna be on the street you know I mean it’s company bargains everywhere, but everybody else all you’re pessimistic no I’m actually optimistic guys. So start right after I crashed to very well most of the time.

Question: so let me ask you if the average person is watching this right now saying okay Robert I’m not like you. I don’t run a company I don’t have a brand, I haven’t sold 41 million copies, I don’t have Oil, I don’t have rental properties. What Should I do?

Robert Answered, gold and silver. Now the reason I like Gold & Silver is that when you study money, what the dollar has always called counterparty risk to it and there is going to go a counterparty.

A stock has counterparty risk to it. All money has counterparty risk. that means you’ve got to trust somebody else like the counterparty risk of the dollar the US dollar or any money the yen or the peso Is you have to trust your government. If you trust your government knocks yourself out man! Save all the money you can as they screw you.

So the reason I like gold and silver is that’s god’s money. Read my book fake make money fake teachers fake assets. Gold and silver were here when the earth was formed god is your counterparty I’m not really religious but I’m just making a point here, you know I trust god which means you add L to the word god it spells gold. Oh my gosh hallelujah brother! Moses Buddha Muhammad. It’s gold! Wake up it’s been that way for millions of years. So I’d rather trust that what about bitcoin I said well if you’re a young person like you, you have a better chance at bitcoin than me just because of age and experience but bitcoin is still susceptible to an EMP electromagnetic pulse.

If there is a knockout of the whole electrical grid system bitcoin is gone. It’s toast. So there’s always a risk to everything. So if you want to guarantee. Go work for the US government. Get a job, work hard save money and give me my pension.

That’s what our schools are teaching you and that’s nothing wrong with that except this coronavirus is teaching you that, that doesn’t work anymore. That’s why you and I are talking right now because all those morons out there who are criticizing me saying I was negative. Well F you! you know if you’re sitting at home without money without a job and all that It’s because you listen to fake teachers it could have been your mommy and daddy. So grow up and if right now you’re getting poorer or you’re more afraid then you got to change your thoughts and you may want. And once you change that you may want to question what you were taught by your mommy and daddy or the school system and all this because right now I’m making money hand over fist.

But I prepared I practice what I teach so what I started to study was how does the government screw us bear our money and you know it as well as I do is its fake money. They can print it it’s called quantitative easing so is the dollar going down not right now because 80 percent of this is what I study you know I don’t study calculus but 80% of the global debt is measured in u.s dollars. something that that means the demand for US dollars is going to go up thank god you use dollars but if you use Aussie dollars or kiwi dollars or the yen or the peso you’re a host you see it’s not money it’s what’s in your head so the US government as you know screws everybody you know you think we’re the good guys wake up!

I was in Vietnam for one Reason, O-I-L Oil. Why are we in Syria Iraq Afghanistan O-I-L wake up! Wake up! you know it’s the rich run the world so there is the golden rule and the golden rule is he who owns the gold rules the world so those other reasons for owning gold but you go to school they’ll tell you to

Save money now why would you save money when they just went from printing 85 billion a month to 125 billion a day wake up that happened yesterday when they say stimulus look at the paper I’m going to get richer because I’m in debt they’re protecting those that are in debt the rich who are in debt but they screw the poor middle class for in debt

You better wake up that’s all I’m saying let’s simply do wake up the first step it’s not how much gold or silver cost is how many ounces do you have how many ounces of gold and silver do you have that’s the question it’s not the price of it because what happens with gold and silver it goes into hiding you know like toilet paper and guns

And gold and silver go into hiding so it’s called the floating market for gold and silver is drying up the price goes up and down but what is available for you and me to hold physically in our hands is disappearing so there’s going to come a time maybe tomorrow maybe 10 years when you’re going to realize there’s no gold and silver physical the real stuff what you hold in your hands

But there’s going to be a lot of dollars but there’s going to be very limited gold and silver so I’ve always said to people start with silvers 20 bucks today if you can’t afford 20 bucks you got some serious holes in your head you know if you can’t afford 20 bucks you’re screwed and I don’t mean ETFs I don’t mean futures contracts I mean just go down to your dealer try and buy some.

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